Your CPANEL webmail login has a number of advanced options you can adjust to improve your overall satisfaction with email.

These include changing your password, auto-replies and vacation alerts, smart email filters, automated folder sorting and more.

As always, you can access these yourself, or have us do it for you.


When you log into the webmail interface using your email address and email password, you will see an option screen. The default settings have been configured for you when we set your email account up, but some people may wish to make adjustments or create filters to perform automated tasks like a Vacation auto-responder.

Mail Server Setup Settings

Frogstar uses the industry standard CPANEL to send and receive your mail.

We support online WEBMAILPOP3 and IMAP server configurations. Click each for details.

The choice between POP3, IMAP, and webmail depends on individual preferences, the need for synchronization across devices, and the level of control and privacy desired by the user.

Configuration of your email software client should be quite easy. Frogstar uses one server for incoming (POP3) and IMAP servers. Mail is encrypted before it is sent or received.

Mail Server Settings.

Microsoft and Apple both want you to use their mail systems so they default to different settings.
In your mail software or phones, if you don’t see IMAP or POP3 options, choose other.

Username:  [your email]
Password:  [password]

Incoming Server:

  • IMAP Port: 993
  • POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing Server:

  • SMTP Port: 465

IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication

Passwords are assigned when the account is defined and you may change it at any time. Frogstar does not keep a record of users passwords on file, but can assist you in resetting your passwords if you forget. You can change your password from the webmail interface at

It is common to have some frustrations setting up your email accounts and frogstar is available to assist you every step of the way as needed, either by live chat, phone, remote support or in person.

Create an Auto Responder / Vacation Message

You can create an auto-responder that only replies to specific types of messages, or a general one that replies to all incoming mssages. The auto-reply does not effect your ability to read the mail. It will still arrive in your inbox as normal.

To add an autoresponder, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Add Autoresponder. A new interface will appear.
  2. Select a character set from the Character Set menu. Use the default UTF-8.
  3. Enter the interval, in hours, for the autoresponder to wait between responses to the same email address.
    For example, an autoresponder with an interval of 24 that receives an email at 8:00 AM on Monday immediately responds to the message. The autoresponder does not respond again if it receives a message from the same email address before 8:00 AM on Tuesday.
  4. In the Email text box, enter your email address. Responses will come from you.
  5. In the From text box, enter the username to appear in the response.
  6. In the Subject text box, enter the subject to appear in the response.
  7. If the response message includes HTML tags, select the HTML checkbox.
  8. In the Body text box, enter the text of the response, for example:
        I am out of office next week. Contact Bob for anything vital.
  9. Select a stop time later than the given start time. You can choose Never or Custom.
  10. Click Create.


IMPORTANT: Be aware that this will create a new outgoing message reply for every single message you receive including all the spam messages. If you typically get a lot of junk mail each day, you will be responding to all of them. Your account has a sending limit of how many messages you can send each hour. This is capped for the entire company and all emails within your domain. At some point, the volume of responses may reach the limit, and your entire company will not be able to send any new messages until it resets at the top of the hour.

Forwarding to Another Address
Mail forwarding copies or redirects routes incoming messages for a particular email account to an entirely different email account.  You can forward incoming emails to another address within the same company, or to a totally different email account elswhere.
The Problem:
Email forwarding becomes a problem when the forwarder sends messages to a remote destination address that is not on the same mail server as the original recipient. For instance, forwarding messages from to
This can cause two problems. It doubles the amount of mail you are sending outside to a different address, and that includes all the SPAM junk mail messages. The recipient will recieve all the forwarded mail from you. You can easily be flagged as a distributer of SPAM mail, and blocked or blacklisted. Forwarded messages appear to come from you, not the original author. This includes SPAM.
Forwarding the SPAM messages will harm your overall email reputation, as you will be marked as the source of the SPAM, making your future messages more likely to be marked SPAM or rejected entirely.
Alternative Option
Instead of setting up a forwarder, most major email providers provide a way to connect an existing mail account and regularly fetch the contents of the account’s Inbox. Essentially, you create a new POP3 mail account from the remote mail provider, in order to download the email messages. A POP3 provides a direct link to the email server instead of sending the message using SMTP.
Using a POP3 connection provides three significant benefits over SMTP:
  1. There’s no risk of the message being lost or rejected during the forwarding process.
  2. Since the messages aren’t being sent again over SMTP, there’s no impact on your domain’s reputation from SPAM sent to the remote mail account.
  3. Messages retain their original sender information and can be replied to correctly

Note: Frogstar webmail does not support external email accounts, but almost every other email program does.

Email Filters

Email Filters are an elaborate way to pre-screen your incoming or outgoing mail based on conditions you can set. Mail can be deleted, redirected or modified by the filters. They can even be used to discard SPAM messages based on specific criteria within the message headers or content. You can also use this feature to modify how SPAM mail is displayed to you. It can be flagged as ***SPAM*** in your inbox, or it can be automatically routed to a junk folder or deleted.

Plus Addresses

The mail server has an interesting feature almost nobody is aware of, but it can be a very powerful tool used for temporary email addresses and auto-sorting incoming mail into folders. 

Plus Addressing
Plus addresses are special modified email addresses that our system recognizes when replies come in. If your regular email account is then all incoming mail goes into your inbox. If you have folders configured, you have to manually move the messages into those folders. A plus address is an extra suffix added to your email when you give it out to people or submit it online.
If a retail website needs your email, instead of giving them, add something to it that will identify the emails automatically if anyone replies. becomes and if any incoming mail arrives with that address, our system will create a new folder called amazon and put the messages inside it. It’s like having a different email address for anyone you want. Send out invoices with a reply-to address like and they will all arrive in their own folder. There is no limit to the number of plus addresses you can create.
Change your password

Everyone is always nagging you to have hard-to-guess passwords and some companies even force you to change it every few months. Our mail server will not allow super easy passwords for your email however our rules are less confusing than many. You don’t need any combination of numbers and symbols. Long passwords are easier to remember. When changing your password for email, just pick whatever you like in any combination and as long as it passes the difficulty score, it’s fine. I tend to use three or four word sentences.

We do however strongly recommend using a different password for email separate from other passwords. Your email password is the most important one of all, because with your email, hackers can request every other password reset and also impersonate you to friends or companies. 

We can not tell you your password, but I am more than happy to reset it for you any time you need. You can change your password from the email options page, but because you need to know it to access that page, it’s not all that useful. If you’ve forgotten your email password, just contact us and we’ll get you set up with a new one.

RoundCube Webmail

Frogstar uses the very popular RoundCube software for accessing your email via the web. You can log into it from any computer, phone, laptop or tablet anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet. 

NOTE: Always make sure you log out of webmail if you’re accessing it from a different computer!

There are a few customization options you may wish to configure if you’re going to use Webmail frequently. Most of the default values will be sufficient, but some of the options can make a difference if you’re used to it working one way. I won’t list all the options here with help files. Most are reasonably self explanatory and if you don’t understand something, then you probably didn’t need to change it. If you have questions, contact us an we’ll help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the setting: LEAVE MAIL ON SERVER

There are three ways to access your mail. POP3 downloads the mail from our server and stores it on your computer. The other two leave the mail on our servers and you view them via an Internet connection. IMAP doesn’t download your mail until you read it. 

When using POP3, the mail is stored on your local computer in a program like Outlook. You have the option to delete it after you downloaded it, either instantly or after a few days, or “Leave Mail on Server”. Not all mail servers allow huge storage of your mail without additional fees. We do.

This setting is also handy for people who use more than one computer or mobile phone to retrieve their mail. You need to retrieve only a copy of your messages, in order for them to still be available for the second device at a later time. Your local computer connects, downloads the messages to Outlook, but a copy remains so that the Blackberry or phone device can retrieve them moments later.

On most computers, you can change the setting to automatically trim the online server backup to automatically delete all server messages more than a few days old.

Q: I see a message telling me “your mailbox is already locked”?

A: This error message appears most to people who access their POP3 email from two locations, or a personal computer and a mobile phone or data device. Like the queue line at the post office, only one request for email may be handled at the same time. If both your computer and phone attempt to retrieve your mail (or a copy of your mail as noted above), the second one will get a LOCKED error.  This error usually resets itself and allows the second device to check mail a moment later. If you get this error a lot, consider adjusting the POP mail check times to different settings, so both devices are not always requesting mail at the exact same time intervals.

SPAM Filters

Unsolicited junk email (spam) is a constant battle of cat and mouse. We can filter SPAM messages, but the SPAMMERS always figure out new ways to bypass the filters. If we make the filters too strong, legitimate and potentially important mail may never be seen. Although we constantly upgrade and tweak our spam filtering system, some junk mail always gets through, and occasionally, a few legitimate email gets marked as spam.

It is always a good idea to check the SPAM mailbox once in a while just to see.

Every day, our system deletes thousands of messages that it knows to be junk mail.  Mail that it suspects is SPAM it rates each email on a point system, assigning value to each of the keywords or practices commonly used for unsolicited mail. If the message scores high enough, it is considered SPAM.

Depending on how your account is configured, these messages are either labelled as ***SPAM*** in your INBOX, or automatically directed to a separate junk mail folder. You can contact support to change how SPAM messages are handled for you.


In addition to the automated filters, we also support personalized adjustments to your email filters. By request, you can have us WHITELIST messages that are important to you but frequently being labelled as SPAM or BLACKLIST evil messages that keep getting through the automated system.

These options are only available at the administrator level. We are happy to fulfil any requests for blacklisting or whitelisting.