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Configuration of your email software client should be quite easy. Frogstar uses then same server for incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) servers.

Mail Servers:
Incoming (POP or IMAP) :
Outgoing (SMTP) :

Client Username: your full email address.

Encrypted or IMAP settings:
IMAP: TLS1.2 on port 993
SMTP: TLS1.2 on port 587

Second More Settings tab. My server requires authentication.
Also. Username is full email address.

Passwords are assigned when the account is defined and you may change it at any time. Frogstar does not keep a record of users passwords on file, but can assist you in resetting your passwords if you forget.


Frogstar requires SMTP authentication to be set. This means your computer must identify itself with your username and password before it is able to send email.

Many ISP (Internet service providers) now require that you use their own internet SMTP server to send outgoing email instead of the Frogstar server. This requirement doesn’t change the way you use email, but it means you must configure the SMTP server to use their settings. We are aware that currently Bell Canada ( and have this requirement of their users. Others may follow. Contact Frogstar or your ISP connection provider for more details if you seem to be getting errors when attempting to send email.

Optional SMTP Port: 587

Frogstar does not allow you to send one single message (using TO:, CC: or BCC:) to more than 20 individual email addresses at one time. If you wish to send an email to more users at once, you must split the recipients into smaller groups, and send more than one copy of the message. If you have a need to send messages to large numbers of recipients on a regular basis, you can contact Frogstar for some custom configuration options, or we can configure a mailing list to suit your needs.