Monday was the night of the big switchover on the stressful work contract I’ve been using to face my mental health and return into life as a productive employable worjer.

The weeks preceding have been a strange mixtures of highs and lows emotionally as I continue to work through a medication change, enlightening therapy, self obsession and clients demands.

As is often the case in my universe, it has a way if providing for me when I most need it. As I was at another scary low point, financially and emotionally, and my income had dipped once again, a job appeared before me from one of my guardian angel former contacts.

I jumped at the opportunity, and underwriter my worth, which is one of my hardest challenges to overcome. In this case especially, as it became clear I was working with a startup company that might not last the year. Budgets were legitimately tight.

The main issue with the contract was that it broke one if my 30 year Golden rules. Although I’m known as a windows support guy, I have helped people with Macs and iPhones and even converted many of my elderly clients to iPads, despite the loss in support visits it cause me.

Customers happiness first.

The one thing I’d successfully avoided for my entire career was Microsoft exchange. Indeed, I got some if my clients to give it up completely and just use Windows.

Exchange servers were a whole new level of paranoia and security. Those support guys charged 125 an hour for every minute of support way back when I was charging 45 and feeling guilty. They had certifications, which looked good on a resume and justified their asking price.

I didn’t.