I didn’t blog from my subway ride for a couple of trips because my timing was off and the ride was busy. Toronto transit is great but it’s better when you’re not riding at the same time as all the other passengers.

School rush hour is earlier than business rush hour and retail rush hour. I don’t know if they staggered it for transit on purpose or for other logistical reasons but it creates a long evening time to avoid. I’d say the backpack crowd is simultaneously the worst time to be on a bus, and the most fun to listen to if you have a chance to overhear. Teenage subway conversations are hilarious and educational in a strange sort of way.

Today I’m going into the office job a little later than usual so the ride had lots of open seats to choose from.

I’m trying email as my choice of format today. Since our subway has no cell service on my route. I have to write online. And update the blog later. I was using other methods and they failed me. ironically the worst was the standalone WordPress App, which for some strange reason I keep giving a second. Third. Fifth chance. I’ve loaded it and deleted it in frustration several times over the past few years. It’s horrible. It’s still horrible. It will probably still be horrible next time I feel like trying it.

I’m using the standard native email app Samsung provided with my S9 Plus. Simple. Reliable and it maintains an automatic copy on my inbox whenever I next find internet. I can even set it to post this as a blog post directly if I configure that. Which I have not yet done.

I’ve been keeping up my 15csevond today videos most weekdays but, like these blogs, they’re probably too full to watch. Even at only 15vsevonds, I’ll need to come up with content if I want to build an audience. I goal.

A goal I actually want to succeed in. I still have not figured that out. I’ve only recently abandoned all my goals for being way too much work to be worth it.

I have lists of topics on file that I could use, but my flow style doesn’t often stay focused for a post I feel good about. Maybe my new meds will help me be a better-focused writer

I know the real secret is the second read. The edit. Like in life, I could use the rules of spring cleaning.whst do I keep, trash. Or reuse. Ten blogs edited might make 2 or 3 good ones.

We’ll see. Maybe is better than saying I’ll never do it, but living a life of NOW keeps me busy with the current. The past is behind me unless something makes it current again.

My stop.end.