I dream quite a lot, primarily because I tend to sleep quite a lot. I often remember them when I wake and sometimes they’re worth writing down or posting to Facebook. Today I decided to blog my dream because it relates to my web site in a way.

On my home site http://frogstar.com I have a number of royalty-free simple comedy scripts that seem quite popular. I released the skits to public domain and because they require no set or costumes, they’ve been performed all over the world by schools and other groups. It’s a pride point. 

In my dream last night, I had written a new script and I remember parts of it. My dream circle of friends liked it and wanted to perform it, but the school project only allowed them a day to get everything together. The director was a bossy woman and decided to make a number of changes to the script. She added more “jokes” and changed all sorts of things. I decided to dissociate myself and just film the final performance, which was to happen in the classroom later that same night.

I’m torn, because I enjoy watching other people interpret my scripts, and I allow any changes as needed, but at the same time, I want everyone to know the words are not mine. I cringe when a Trans Am is used instead of a Camper truck, and a lame joke about there being bugs around the dinner table distracts from the story for no apparent reason. 

I’m off crying in the background as people try to shower me with thank yous and congratulations as the play won the competition. I woke up wondering if this was a dream I classify as a nightmare or a fantasy.