I’m just the right amount of the high to blog, and 9:36pm on a Thursday. I am doing my best not to panic, and not to freak out, because I feel a failure cominhg on, and I’m not sure what to do about it.

Noteable this week.

Phyciatrist on Monday. Weird. Not easy. Unfocused and starting over, biut still good. Still value. Still nopt guilty enough to quit. I am almost a hermit man and almost a homless man. TTherepay is good.

I have many ideas for things I want to do, and I was doing pretty well at some of them before a slip and a fall, emotionally speaking and less metaphorically, more issues with drugs.

I can blame the legit system for some of the problems and my return to something other than weed for one night, that escaladed as it does.

3 weeks at least, but in that time I took four days off Paxil, freaked out big time, was off my focus meds because the manuafactueer literally stopped making them.

We switched me to a horrible brand and I have not been the same since, but it’s eqiually possible that my mindset isn’t where it was either so I may be seeing a huge diference that isn’t really that huge.


However, before I could feel the drug. It made me excited to work and to complete projects once I’d started. 

The new formulation of the same extended release drug by a different company and I want to stay in bed all day and have a hard time waking and sgetting started, plus it’s really hard to nap.

It’s 9:41.  I’ll go lay down, perhaps take another toke and see if I can lay still enough to fall asleep.

I played a lot in the other universe tonight. This blog was saved and written in SL>

ENd of Part 1