Today is the first day I’ve taken the bus where most people have ditched their spring coats or sweaters. Last time I was one of the only riders in short sleeves. But today only the foreigners and homeless are wearing costs. I can see naked arms everywhere and somehow the women seem more beautiful today.


I love watching people take two seats with no shame, even when 20 people are standing. They sit on the outside seat. Or place their bag on the extra seat. One guy had this face expression that just said no. Words were not needed. Sometimes it’s fun to watch somebody experienced call them on it, or force their way in. The people who have been transit users far longer than I that won’t stand for that shit, not figuratively or literally.

I’m not there yet. I don’t mind standing for a while, usually not for long. My balance isn’t as good as it was when I was a teenager. I still remember the fun if the challenge while riding a bus or subway with no hands.

These days I don’t even try, for fear of toppling into the lap of a fellow transit rider. I understand that practice might have been acceptable flirtation in the 80s but not today.


It’s an observation of mine that all mobile games seem to use a high tempo music beat as background. Gamers even far away, with quality headphones are still emitting a faint rhythm as they look heads down at their phones for the ride. The timpony of the higher notes carries far.

It seems they all use the same tempo or the best would be far more annoying out of sync. The way it is now, a game best is slightly faster than my own internal rhythm but my foot or fingers quickly match to keep in pace.

When they leave the bus, my internal beatbox takes over and my foot keeps bopping away in silence

Today, I hear a voice from the headphones of the lady next to me. That’s far more annoying since it’s too low to hear words but it has no tapible ruthm

I moved to another seat.