Frogstar is a small team of dedicated professionals offering a special client relationship.  You get to know us as we learn about your needs. We answer your questions, solve your problems, and take care of everything.



Happy New Year – Happy New Frogstar

A lot of changes are coming to Frogstar in the upcoming months. More upgrades to the way we host your web pages and email to improve stability and redundancy. More HELP files online to assist you with email setup and iPhone configurations. The mobile compatible Webmail upgrade we’ve been promising is finally on its way. 

This newsletter will keep you updated on changes, and also alert you to EMAIL Viruses and other dangerous Malware news.

PLEASE NOTE: Any email you receive that isn’t from FROGSTAR.COM or NETBOUND.COM concerning your website or your email is fake. Evil fake. Potentially dangerous fake. Always examine emails that contain links or attachments twice before clicking anything.

Assume EVERYTHING is fake and out to make your life worse. Many of the tricks we used to use to detect legitimate messages have been compromised as the hackers get smarter and more advanced with their phishing techniques and trickery.

As always, if you have questions, give me a call, or send me a text. I’m on Facebook Messenger and the web site has a live chat feature.

Frogstar support isn’t fake. The one point of contact you can trust and use as your personal Internet concierge. 

Let Frogstar be your personal IT department. No need to become a techie if you don’t want to. We can handle everything for you with one message or phone call. From password updates to domain renewals and website security updates, we’re on it. Working for you 24/7.

You can spend your time on more important tasks, or just ask and we’ll even help you set your vacation email responder.