About Frogstar

Jeff Goebel
Frogstar Founder and President

Jeff Goebel started doing personal on-site technical support visits while still employed at a retail store in Toronto years ago. Before the Internet was popular, Jeff was heavily involved in the online community with BBS systems, and founded Workable Concepts, a company that brought the world one of the first terminal programs for the Commodore 128 (Dialogue 128), and the PC Punternet Bulletin Board system, which offered the first early access to the Internet for many Canadians.

When Internet Service Providers (ISP) began to populate the country, Jeff created and managed the on-site technical support division of Interlog Internet Services in Toronto, one of the fastest growing Internet ISP companies. The idea of in-home and in-office training and support was a huge success, and it grew into training classes at Interlog, allowing Jeff to build a friendly customer base. When Interlog was sold and operations moved away from Toronto, Jeff created Frogstar, and started doing much of the same business on his own.

The Frogstar hosting server was originally established to offer a dedicated high-security hosting system for a large Canadian pharmaceutical company. The following year, Frogstar expanded to offer the same unique services to other clients. Our servers were located in downtown Toronto in a staffed “server room” with state-of-the-art air circulation, power management and backup system.

Over the past ten years we’ve expanded slowly, intentionally maintaining the high quality support and service that comes with a small personal company, catering to only a few select clients. Our main promotional tool has been word of mouth, popularized chiefly by our satisfied customers, many of whom also use Frogstar for their office technical support needs, Internet consultation, web design and webmastering maintenance.

Because Frogstar is a small company our clients love the personal flavor and are happy to be recognized by their voice when they call. We still offer on-site, in-home or in-office technical support, training, virus troubleshooting and consultation.

Today Frogstar operates servers in several cities, but still offers customers the friendly voice on the phone and personal customer service. It’s just different. Some of our best customers are people who have tried other services and returned.

Let Frogstar be your one-call personal support team. The number you call for questions, design, support, domains and hosting.

Frogstar Philosophy

Our business philosophy is simple – we believe that any reputable web hosting provider must produce web hosting technologies, not just to be an IT consumer. We also know that you are a looking to reach stable growth and that’s why we do not compromise with stability. Frogstar takes responsibility to better serve your business in any way possible.