Spam Filtering

Unsolicited junk email (spam) is a constant struggle pitting good vs evil. Although we constantly upgrade and tweak our spam filtering system, some junk mail always bets through, and occasionally, a few legitimate email gets marked as spam.

Every day, our system deletes thousands of messages that it knows to be junk mail.  It also sends you an email report of messages that are probably junk, but it’s not certain enough to delete them without letting you decide.If you see valid email messages in your daily junk mail report there are two steps you can take.

This message may look like this:

Messages detected as junk mail in the daily report are still being sent to you but they’re hidden from your regular email download.

If you see messages you want to read and act on, they can be accessed via our web based mail system.

Login using your email address and password. If you are unfamiliar with your email password you can call us and we’ll help you reset it.

For some of you the SPAM folder will already be active and visible in the folder listing down the right side below your inbox. This is where all those spam messages reside.

If you do not see this folder listed, you probably have to activate it. This is referred to as subscribing to the spam folder.

Steps to activate the SPAM filtered message folder

You only need to do this once.

1) Find and click the FOLDERS link on the top of this page. (Yours may be a different colour)

2) At the bottom of this new window, you’ll see one or two vertical boxes. In the one on the right, the word SPAM may appear. If it is already on the left, then you don’t need to do anything. If it is in the right box, click SPAM, and then click SUBSCRIBE to move it from the right column to the left.

Press the CHECK MAIL (refresh) option and the SPAM filter should appear as one of your available mailboxes on the left side column.

You can read them, reply to them or ignore them. They will automatically be trimmed and deleted every 4 days.